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2024 Lakeland 42,800LTR Fuel Tanker Trailer

Available For Hire
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Axle config:Tri-Axle
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Total capacity:42,800LTR
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No. Compartments:6
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NEW 2024 Lakeland/RTN Fuel Tanker Trailer

Total Capacity: 42800 Litres.

Compartments: Six compartments with sizes 7600, 7600, 7000, 7600, 6000, and 7000 litres, excluding regulatory ullage allowance.

Barrel Material: Monocoque banded ring design constructed from 5.00mm xtral aluminium or equivalent to meet material requirements of EN 13094.

Discharge Equipment: Blackmer TXD13A positive displacement cargo pump with variable speed control.

Pipework: 104mm aluminium gravity discharge pipework, with non-mitred joints independently supported and tested to 5 bar sloped to ensure the retained product does not exceed 0.2 litres per 1000 litres on nominal capacity pipework/run-off lines terminating at nearside via an aluminium outlet support Viton gasket used at pipe connections.

Bottom load/Vapour Recovery Equipment: Emco Wheaton 6-compartment BLVR equipment. Manual API outlet adaptors with multi-position coupling ring – 3 x position operating handles (Fully closed – ½ open – fully open) outlets fitted at 300mm centres, pneumatically, non-pressure balanced foot values. The vapour recovery system is manufactured to accept a minimum liquid flow rate of 2500 ppm per loading arm and to include sequentially operated vapour recovery/vapour transfer valves with flame arresters for Ethanol and group 11B gasses.

Axles & Suspension: BPW Drum Brake Axles Airlight II, 10mm quad beam 9-tonne axle loads, tri-axle with air suspension, aluminium air tanks. Suspension has an automatic raise and lower function to adjust height during discharge.

Brake Type: 420mm x 180mm Drum brakes.

E.B.S: Knorr Bremse TEBS electronic brake system 4s/2m with integrated RSP (Roll Stability Program).

Wheels & Tyres: Continental 385/65R 22.5 on polished forged Alloy wheel rims.

Landing legs: Jost two-speed rocking feet – lightweight steel with a winding handle fitted to the nearside.

Rubbing Plate: 12mm high strength steel fitted to a Jost 50mm king pin rated at 15 tonnes for 46-tonne operations, designed for easy removal for inspection / routine maintenance.


Certification and Approvals:

All certifications are to be provided in English, in hard copy and in CD format to include:

  • Whole vehicle type approval certificate
  • Vapour tightness certificate/Manlid conformity certificate
  • Pressure vent valve certificate
  • Tank design and hydraulic approval certificates
  • Safe loading pass/Full product approval list
  • Operating procedures and manuals



Internal: As welded, internally inspected with the interior of the tank vacuumed out and flushed with clean water.

External: Finish paint in 2 colours and affix conspicuity tape to legal standards.



RTN Group warrants the tank shell, subframe structures, and fabricated parts for five years.

All other equipment will be warranted for one year and the remaining period under the original supplier’s warranty.


Click Here For Specification: 2024 Lakeland Innovator: Tanker Rent UK Ltd